Tuesday, 19 May 2009

When you think you (alone) know

Two heads are better than one, especially when they look at a problem from different perspectives.
The saying goes that if you ask 2 doctors for an opinion, you’ll get 3 different opinions. And probably each will assume that everyone agrees with him/her. This could apply to any professional, and even more so between different professions – picture a question of additional hours: someone with a responsibility for finance argues completely logically for a very different outcome from someone concerned with staff development. They haven’t understood their differences, and none understands why the initiative hasn’t gone ahead exactly the way they assume it should.
This lack of understanding of each other affects many service transformations: nobody is exploring what the blocks to delivery are; clinicians are blaming management as the key block, and of course vica versa
Facilitated sessions have unblocked similar situations in the past. In particular elucidation of what each means by their understanding of the overall goal, where there are similarities and how they can be brokered together has fostered new understandings and a common desire to achieve a common goal (exactly where you thought you’d started).
Think of the time these professionals spend in meetings and not able to make any progress. Think of the frustrations, and the mood that puts people in to obstruct future “management initiatives”, the measurement and monitoring, and service transformation. I’ve facilitated a change in awareness and appreciation of difference that breaks down barriers and aligns people, both with each other and with strategic goals.

Call to Action

Invite facilitated workshops specifically arranged around bringing different professionals together.

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