Tuesday 2 June 2009

Organisational Benefits Approach - request from Steve Jenner

Dear friends
Are you using a Benefits Approach? How does this compare with other organisations?
Steve Jenner (the driving force behind the development of UK Criminal Justice System IT approach to Portfolio and Benefits Management, that was referred to by Gartner, the European Commission's economics of e-Government project and by the UK Government report to the OEDC as "UK Best Practice" and which won the 2007 Civil Service award for Financial Management). Steve was described by the UK Government CIO as "the rottweiller of benefits management"
Steve is looking at how organisations approach benefits, and in the spirit of understanding properly, wants to ask organisations to rate themselves. He's created a survey on SurveyMonkey(a secure site approved by US and UK governments for surveys of this nature) and as it only takes 20 minutes or so to complete, please mouse over to the survey and have a look. If you fill in contact details we'll email you for an address to send a copy of the guidebook "Managing the Portfolio, Realising the Benefits" on the CJS IT implementation referred to above.

Have fun!

Click Here to take survey

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