Monday, 6 July 2009

Quality is the new buzzword

Quality is the new buzzword (HSJ 25 June 2009).
I return to my original thesis, that all care is delivered by people and therefore innovation, and quality, is predicated on the motivation of staff, volunteers and carers.
QualityMark.jpgMeasuring becomes ever more important than ever. "People do what you inspect" is just as relevant to the self (I do what I'm measuring - I take a shower faster if I'm timing myself, I stick to speed limits if I treat that as a priority) and staff that set their own goals and have the tools to understand how they fare compared to the goals they have set are going to achieve more, with more enthusiasm, faster, than a team with an imposed goal, and feedback 6 weeks after each monitoring period.
Give people the tools to make a meaningful difference, and we'll do it!
Hugo can establish - with front-line teams - frameworks for Benefits design, planning, realisation and reporting and help align individual and team goals to the strategic objectives of the organisation or local health (and care) economy)

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