Tuesday 16 December 2008

A focus on Delivery

It's very easy to get caught up in a project. Tied up in the minutiae of doing the next task, keeping track of progress, reporting. The HOW.
Add in a day job (what you're paid to do when you aren't doing the new project) and you can see how quickly you lose track of WHY you are doing this.
But just as you become what you think about, so your project will deliver what you focus on. If you focus on activity, then that's all you will achieve.
Focus on the aims, the goals, the outcomes. If the project aims to reduce smoking, then be mindful of achieving an overall reduction in smoking, rather than just the number of people through the door - stop smoking schemes are a perfect example as too often the same people come back year after year (usually the day for New Year Resolutions).
Of course you have to do the activities from day to day such as running stop smoking sessions. But if it isn't working, then change your approach. Where "is it working?" asks whether it is delivering the benefits you seek

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