Friday 23 January 2009

Delivering Change - where people design it themselves

Hugo presenting a Benefits Dependency Network
Of course the best solution is to have the front-line professionals involved, fully engaged and on the design and implementation team from the start.
But far too often clinicians, team leaders and the front-line support team don't get involved in the idea, the design or the implementation plan.
When they are eventually engaged (such as when they are called upon to implement the change and make it work for service users and patients), quite naturally they don't see why.  Why change the status quo, the intricate pecking order that has taken years to develop; the forms, procedures and rhythms that evolved naturally around the daily obstacles of the workplace (who finds a parking space and gets in early, who late; what report needs completing because management once asked for it and have never said it is no longer needed; which room is available for overflow patients, etc).
At Ltd and through the organisations we associate with, we have accelerated programmes to
  • retrofit clinical engagement ('put right past wrongs')
  • gain real front-line input at the design phase of new initiatives
and a clinical engagement workshop which involves your clinicians telling your managers how they like to be engaged.
Dragon tattoo to sign off
The difference, in delivering change, in aligning initiatives to organisation and health economy strategic goals/ strategic objectives, and in staff morale is tremendous.
Please use the link to Ltd website to find out more and contact us.

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