Monday 12 January 2009

Strategic Delivery Frameworks

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Project managers, and their sponsors, may be concerned to ensure that a project delivers on its aims. BUT The aim of one project coudl be in direct conflict with the aims of another.

If the projects are from different directorates (eg in NHS, Practice-Based Commissioning increasing community services whilst Finance and Facilities try to reduce costs and premises) then the conflict may not be identified.

At some point in every strategy, in every organisation, you need to take stock - to appraise not just the new initiatives and projects, but also existing services and the gaps that have opened up because of:

  • demographic change

  • new technologies and/or understanding

  • or simply changing expectations

this applies whether you set strategy for the commissioner, or the provider! It's just as applicable in health, social care, education, justice, or any commercial or charitable organisation with more than one single initiative. Many public sector organisations may have hundreds of distinct services and perhaps 100+ new initiatives at any one time.

I can help you with Benefits Dependency Network (BDN) development workshops for aligning service delivery to strategy, and for empowering staff both to embed strategy and to get engaged with it; and to deliver performance and outcomes aligned to strategy. Uniquely my BDN workshops are designed around whole strategy rather than a single project.

we're all faced with the imperative to do more wih less. Your frontline staff are the only do-ers in your organisation. Creating Strategic Deliver Frameworks WITH frontline staff harnesses their energy to really give your strategy legs (and arms, and hands, and mouths - in fact the limbs and functions it needs to bring it to life).

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