Monday 9 March 2009

Portfolio Management - Benefits Framework Workshop 1

Benefits network simplified to ensure definition of Benefits and application to Projects - projects have benefits numbers attached
The workshop (3 March, at Yorks & Humber Benefits Network - agenda listed in next blog) went swimmingly - benefits identified; defined; projects linked; realism and pragmatism.  It must be emphasised that this is normally the first of three workshops.
It illustrates just how straightforward this technique is, how certain to draw people in and engage busy people (whether frontline staff who would rather spend the time delivering services, or executive directors with 101 other meetings to go to), and to create a result.  It demonstrates how common-sense the outcome is.
From the point of view of the service leader or service improvement professional, it also illustrates how to:
  • make best use of the specific skills of defining a benefit, how it will be measured and how aggregated
  • engage service delivery staff (whether clinical/ care trained or in supporting or management roles) in defining/ selecting the benefits their success will be measured by
  • encourage senior staff to use the measures and benefits defined by the services themselves, as they are easy to aggregate to report across a whole workstream (because they are all defined the same way) and clearly bring benefits to service users, clinical outcomes, staff and the financial bottom line
The previous few blogs illustrate the Why and the What of Benefits Frameworks and the Portfolio Approach.  This one gives the agenda for running Workshop 1.  The actions you need to take are:
  1. book a meeting with the workstream SRO and sponsor, and key poeple who can arrange to take this approach across the whole workstream
  2. set a date for the first workshop (this agenda), apply to me ( for more information
  3. run the workshop, get the results, and set dates for the two follow-up workshops
It's all about making service improvement happen!

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