Monday 9 March 2009

Workshop 1 - agenda and notes

AGENDA for Workshop 1 - defining benefits, projects and engagement

ContentWhat to doWhat happenedlength of time
IcebreakerNearest + furthest holidays

What you particularly liked about your holiday

get people into a mood to discuss benefits

line everyone up in order of distance so they have to talk

allow 10 mins for this.  ALWAYS use an icebreaker
Explanation of the Portfolio Approach to BenefitsWhy - too many benefits, too difficult to measure, performance get fed up with different requests for virtually the same thing, not so easy to report, people want to get on and DO

What - three workshops, getting engagement and commitment, reporting

How - three workshops, starting today

15 mins
Benefits Dependency Network of Long-Term Conditions to includeCOPD



Weight Management/Obesity

Hospital/ Community/ GP

Identify/ engage/ treat/ step down/ maintain

Strategic goals, benefits, outcomes which will achieve those goals; projects underway inc existing services (and therefore gaps/ anachronisms)

With this range of conditions everyone can contribute. The most important is that front-line staff take ownership for the gaps and anachronisms

cluster the benefits so that you end up with distinct benefits which can be defined yet are applicable across projects

allow at least 40 mins, though you can add more to the network at a later stage in the workshop
For each benefit (identified from clustering the benefits in previous stage)How to define this benefit (work in groups so each group has 2/3 benefits to define

How to measure with some specificity

How to aggregate (some are additive, some are a single figure across whole health community, some aggregate different ways. It isn't always possible to define which project led to which result)

Who is going to measure

within a single health economy this is easier because you can name names. At SHA level we were able to identify job titles eg which measures would come from Public Health, and which from the project's front-line staff
For each project
Which benefits of those defined does this project want to be held accountable for delivering (each project may contribute to all projects, but may not be able to influence)

Any other benefits that this project would want to be held accountable for? are the benefits important enough to be reported at workstream level?

Specific measures where the definition of measurement above isn't specific enough to apply to this project, eg how to aggregate?

Any missing projects identified from this exercise?

The benefit that senior executives would like to see projects contribute to is usually Value for Money, but this is also one of the most difficult for individual projects to report on because of a myriad of other influences

The key thing to watch here is for a project to take on too many benefits for reporting - Keep It Simple - stupid!

The Y+H workshop had two independent groups identify which benefits applied to which project, and the differences were fascinating

allow at least 30 mins, and potentially up to an hour. This section may identify additional benefits that should be reported at workstream level which go through the benefits definition process
SummaryWhat was learnt - engagement, commitment, KISS, measurement as part of doing the job, benefits focus from the start
Workshop 1 - Definitions (this workshop)
Workshop 2 - Baselines
Workshop 3 - first measures and format for ongoing reporting

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