Monday 10 November 2008

A new politic

Boris Johnson, Barak Obama, both men without the "old school" political networks.
I hear the Lord Mayor of London is getting rid of some of the prestige projects of his predecessor, on the grounds that they cost too much for the benefits they bring. The President Elect seems to be prepared to turn his back on decades of 'pork barrels'(favours done for each other to win support for the policy they want to get through, famously named after inclusion of the building of a pork barrel factory in one congressman's home state, to support increased budget to the armed forces).
These outsiders may be a good thing. So much of what is eventually agreed by the powers that be (that be what?) are more about ego and prestige than actually doing some good for average Joe s and Jo s.
I will rejoice the day that the most beneficial (especially where this is backed up by evidence) projects go through! I would love to call those to account who cancel or undermine beneficial projects because the presence of a successful solution highlights how little they themselves have achieved.

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