Sunday 2 November 2008

Successful Benefits Realisation

A bit like golf - keep your sight on the aims, but be aware of the pitfalls along the way.
Do you have compelling benefits that will result if this project is achieved? Does everyone involved agree that they are compelling? If not, does everyone involved have a compelling benefit relevant to themselves, that will be achieved through successful delivery of this project?
What about those who will lose from successful delivery. have you identified them and how they will lose, and have you plans in place to minimise the damage?

This is where a Benefits Framework is applied:

Creating a benefits framework ensures that everybody's benefits - and dis-benefits - are understood
Using a benefits framework tracks the delivery of BENEFITS (as opposed to MILESTONES)and ensures the stakeholder with the most to gain, knows all about the achievement
Effectively, you have PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT but with the agreement, or even enthusiasm, of staff and stakeholders

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